Monday, February 8, 2010

Newborn White Bengal Tigers from Olmense zoo in Olmen

Those photos of newborn
White Bengal Tigers, two females named Kamala and Kamika and one male named Khalid are taken at the Olmense zoo in Olmen, Belgium on May 22, 2009.

They were born on May 12 and they are not albinos but they do not have red and black pigments as it is normal for this kind of tigers. They only have black pigments.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

An incredible encounter!

These photos were taken by Norbert Rosing in Hudson Bay, Canada. He really thought that it was the end for his sled dogs when he saw a big polar bear coming out from nowhere.

But instead of ripping their hearts off, the bear and dogs started … to play. Moreover, the bear kept coming every day to play with dogs till they took off.

The Euro fell sharply against the Dollar for the fourth consecutive week and has fallen more than 850 pips since January 10. EUR/USD came under pressure on concerns about financial and fiscal problems in many countries of the European Union. Also global risk aversion trigger further falls in the pair that tumbled on Friday at 1.3584, reaching the lowest price in eight months.

According to James Chen from FX Solutions, EUR/USD “has displayed continued marked bearishness recently, strongly confirming a new downtrend in the pair. This new downtrend was initiated after the previous long-term uptrend was broken decisively to the downside in early December”.

At 1.3400 James Chen targeted the next key support. “Upside resistance within the context of the strong bearish trend resides around the noted 1.3800 price region”, said the analyst.
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