Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Euro Climbs on Growing Optimism

The euro climbed versus a number of currencies in the start of this week as investors’ confidence rose in the region, providing support for speculations regarding the end of the recession in the countries using the European common currency.
This week started with pending to the side of risk appetite continuing market trends perceived in the end of last week, when the euro climbed fueled by renewed attractiveness as countries like Germany indicate significant positive economic improvements, suggesting that the recession may end sooner than expected in the Eurozone. Today, the euro is also gaining on speculations that a report regarding factory orders in Germany will show an expansion in July, if confirmed, it will be the fifth consecutive month with positive figures in this sector. Currencies like the yen and the dollar lost the most versus the euro, as traders leave safety attracted by yielding in emergent markets.
The euro is likely to have a positive week, mainly versus the yen, which could be overpriced after last week’s rally, but it will be difficult for the European common currency to climb very sharply, considering that even if the region is publishing several positive reports, most of the bloc’s members still face recession and complications in different sectors of the economy.
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