Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BullFrog And The Unlucky Sparrow

Spectacular captures of the American Bullfrog preying on an unlucky sparrow. Growing up to a length of 20 centimeters or 7.9 inches, the bullfrog preys on any animal that it can overpower and stuff down its throat. Their stomachs have been found to contain rodents, small turtles, snakes, frogs including bullfrogs and birds of course.

Ambush predators as they are known for, the bullfrog can be seen submerging large preys (in this case the sparrow) into the water to cut their air supply and defense.

Forex: GBP/USD: Pound drops back to week lows at 1.6115 on weak stock markets
The Pound's recovery seen during Asian session has been short lived as the pair turned down after having reached 1.6190 to test levels at 1.6115 intra-week low on the back of negative opening on European markets.

So far support level at 1.6115 remains intact, as the Pound trades around 1.6135. In case of further decline, next support levels lie at 1.6035 (Jul 14 low) and 1.5940. On the upside , initial resistance area could be at 1.6185, previous intra-week low and above here, 1.6225 and 1.6280.

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