Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shark pictures show amazing killing display

These shots capture the splendour and horror of a great white shark weighing two tons leaping 10ft from the water as it closes inevitably on its victim.
After reaching speeds of up to 35mph on its ascent from the depths, the shark uses serried ranks of razor-sharp teeth to tear into the seal.
The wildlife photographer Chris Fellows spends over half of each year waiting off the coast of South Africa to capture the sharks at their grisly work
These dramatic pictures, taken near Seal Island, in False Bay, are part of a decade-long campaign to promote positive awareness of great white sharks, which are classed as “endangered” largely due to being hunted by man.
On occasion the photography team used an artificial lure to attract the sharks before snapping them in action with the seals.
“The sharks feed on young seals when they are attempting to return to Seal Island after a few days out feeding,” Mr Fellows said. “The sharks will bite the seal, typically in half in the first go, and then come round and pick the other half up. It is all on the surface and it happens in a few minutes.”

Mr Fellows added: “When children see a shark eat a seal they feel sorry for the seal, but it’s like a lion catching a zebra – it’s a natural phenomenon.

Latest Forex Update :-

IMF To Visit Romania Oct 28-Nov 9 To Review Loan Package

International Monetary Fund Officials are scheduled to conduct their second review of a $17.1 billion Romanian loan package Oct. 28 through Nov. 9 in Bucharest, the Fund said Thursday.

"During this visit, the IMF mission will evaluate the country's recent economic performance and will discuss with authorities the economic objectives for the coming year, along with the policy measures and structural reforms needed to reach those objectives," Jeffrey Franks, the IMF's Romania mission chief said.

Fund officials will be joined by officials from the European Commission and the World Bank. The visit comes after a Romanian government collapse but before a new governing structure has been fully formed. Fund officials anticipate another review could be required once a new government is in place.

The Fund is looking for Romania to commit to a 2010 budget deficit of no more than 5.9% of gross domestic product as they consider releasing a second installment of funding for the country.

That installment would be about $2.25 billion. The Fund already has disbursed nearly $10 billion to Romania.

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Forex: GBP/USD tests 1.6600, back to 1.6575

The Sterling has continued with its advance against the Dollar from today's low at 1.6485, MA55 hourly chart, during the American session to test the 1.6600 level in the last minutes. Currently the pair is trading around 1.6575/85, 0.10% below today's opening price action.

The FastBrokers Research Team comments: “The Cable is dipping after breaking through our previous 3rd and 4th tier downtrend lines and the psychological 1.65 level. We mentioned before how a failure of both our 3rd and 4th tiers signals a probable retest of September highs and possibly the highly psychological 1.70 level. The Pound continues to find strength in the BoE’s decision to stray from its overtly dovish monetary policy in light of recent optimistic econ data.”

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